New Team Orion d-Drive Ultima SC6 RTR

Item Number: 30859B

Ultima SC6 Ready Set w/ Team Orion dDrive System

Map Pricing: $349.99

Available: Mid September (Accepting Pre-Orders)

The race proven Ultima SC6 is now in a RTR package. A motor system with only one power connector and without a separate ESC unit (The battery directly plugs into the motor). The dDrive features Team Orion’s latest brushless ESC and motor technology ensuring the best possible driving experience. The Team Orion dDrive intelligent motor system, offers both performance and ease of use standard which have not existed until today.


  • Vortex Sensor-less Brushless Technology
  • High performance 4-pole motor
  • Aluminum case with high efficiency cooling fins
  • Forward/Brake, Forward/Brake/Reverse, Forward/Reverse (Crawler) Function modes.
  • Overheat protection system
  • Battery Low Voltage Cut-Off System
  • Status Control by LED and Audio Tone
  • Aluminum Chassis
  • Mid Motor Configuration
  • Perfect balance and geometry with broad range of tuning capabilities to suit all kinds of tracks.
  • Big-Bore Aluminum Shock Set
  • New Water Proof Team Orion dDrive Motor/ESC 3300KV
  • Syncro KT-331P (LCD Display) 2.4Ghz Radio
  • Water proof high response and torque KS4031-06W Servo
  • New Steering Servo Saver Design
  • Parts 100% compatible with the Ultima SC6 Competition Kit


  • Factory Assembled Chassis
  • Pre-painted body
  • Pre-installed 2.4Ghz Electronics
  • Team Orion Vortex dDrive system


  • 4 AA Batteries
  • Battery (Ni-Mh / Li-Fe/ Li-Po) 7.2v – 7.4v
  • Charger for battery

*More information coming soon. Please check


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