New Hawker Hurricane ARF

Item Number: 11871B

SQS Warbird Hawker Hurricane ARF

1:8 Scale Radio Controlled .50 Class SQS Series

Map Pricing: $349.99

Available: December 2015 (Accepting Pre-Orders)







  • Lightweight fuselage, main and tail wings in this ARF kit are pre-covered in Oracover film.
  • Metal oleo struts on main and tail gears recreate realistic suspension movement.
  • Hatch opens and closes to store main struts and tires.
  • Independently operated servos recreate the movement of the original airplane.
  • In addition to the pilot figure, and reproduce the already mounted and the actual realism cockpit also the instrument panel of stereo lithography
  • Main components are factory assembled so only a short time needed to finish.
  • Features lightweight balsa structure. Detailed characteristics of the shape are recreated in the pre-built fuselage.
  • Pre-covered in wrinkle-resistant high-quality lightweight camouflage-print film.
  • Includes: engine mount; fuel tank; pneumatic tires, and linkage parts.


  • Fuel Tank
  • Retractable Landing Gear
  • Complete FRP Fuselage
  • Linkage
  • Engine Mount
  • Scale Spinner


  • 6ch Transmitter (8 Servos)
  • Battery and Charger for receiver
  • 200mm extension cord for aileron & flap 100mm extension cord for servo
  • 300mm extension cord for servos 2pcs
  • 4 cycle 56-62 size engine or 2 cycle 46-55 size engine
  • D11 x P6 / D13 x P7 propeller

Technical Data

  • Scale: 1/8
  • Length: 1245mm (49in)
  • Wing Span: 1520mm (59.8in)
  • Weight: 3150g (with .56 size engine)
  • Fuel Tank: 290cc
  • Radio: 6Ch
  • Servo: 8 Servos
  • Propeller: D11 x P6   /   D13 x P7
  • Wing Load: 81g/dm2

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