New MA-020VE Pro Chassis Set (MHS System)

No. 32170B


Map Pricing: $209.99

Available: November 2015 (Now Accepting Pre Orders)

The New Pro version AWD chassis comes equipped with a newly developed MHS/ASF compatible RX/ESC unit. With the MHS (Mini-Z Hybrid Spread spectrum) mode enabled (requires Syncro EX-6 Radio), the Pro chassis responds to your fingertip control four times as fast as the ordinary ASF system does. If you don’t have an EX-6 radio now, don’t worry, the Pro chassis can also be controlled by the ASF system transmitter suck as the KT-18 and EX-5UR although the response speed is the same as the standard ASF system. The chassis is equipped with the DWS rear suspension setup and the Red Can Xspeed VE brushless motor system by Team Orion.




  • High Power KoPropo / Team Orion Brushless System
  • Ultra high response receiver compliant with MHS/ASF Protocols
  • MA-020 AWD chassis equipped with front VCS system
  • Double wishbone rear suspension system
  • Front end parts included to change the width from standard to wide setup.
  • 8500KV Xspeed brushless motor by Team Orion
  • Long rear suspension arm conversion parts included
  • 14 ball bearings are pre-installed
  • On-the-fly 5 step steering gyro gain adjustment (accessible only with the EX-6 transmitter)


  • Factory assembled chassis
  • Pre-installed Team Orion Brushless System
  • Pinion Gear Set (15t/17t/19t/21t)
  • Spur Gear Set (27t/29t/31t)
  • Wheel Wrench
  • Front width conversion parts
  • Long rear suspension arm conversion parts



  • 1/27th
  • 4WD


Avoid using the smallest gear ratio of 15T/31T, using this gear ratio will cause damage to the motor and esc unit.


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