New Limited Edition MR-03VE Pro Chassis Set with Collectors Tin Box

No. 32781B

MINI-Z Racer MR-03VE PRO Chassis Set w/Tin Box

Map Pricing: $159.99

Available: Late August (Now Accepting Pre Orders)

Representing an evolution from ASF 2.4GHz and FHS 2.4GHz systems, the completely new radio wave of the MHS (Mini-Z Hybrid Spread Spectrum) 2.4GHz System is incorporated into the most advanced Mini-Z Racer ever made. What makes it the most advanced? The answer is the combination of devastating 8500KV power from the Team ORION XSPEED VE brushless motor and the ultra fast response from the new technology control system. When used with the latest high-end 2.4GHz MHS system compatible Syncro EX-6 transmitter (sold separately), the Mini-Z Racer delivers 16-times faster response than ASF 2.4GHz system + KT-18 transmitter and 4-times faster response than the ASF 2.4GHz system + KO PROPO EX-1 transmitter. Faster response time and stronger servo holding power contribute to a greater sense of total operational control, enabling more accurate running lines. With more linear response, the machine feels like it is controlled at will to delivers superior circuit performance and lap times. In addition, this chassis is also compatible with existing ASF 2.4GHz systems and pairs automatically with the KT-18 and KO PROPO EX-1 transmitters. For the most formidable power and control combination in Mini-Z history, look no further than the MR-03VE Pro Chassis Set.


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  • Achieves 4-times faster response speed than the ASF 2.4GHz system + KO PROPO EX-1 combination. Response time and linear control contribute to faster lap times.
  • Ultra-fast response of MHS 2.4GHz system can only be experienced using the Syncro EX-6 transmitter. KT-18 transmitter operates on the pre-existing ASF 2.4GHz system. (Both TX’s Sold Separately)
  • Features the high durability and power of Team ORION XSPEED VE brushless motor. Benefit from the extended RPM range and flat torque feel.
  • Included ball diff realizes smooth cornering. Red anodized specifications mark the quality of the PRO Chassis Set.
  • To commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Mini-Z Racer in 2015, this model is supplied with special storage tin with urethane foam and paper sleeve.


  • MR-03VE-W-MM factory assembled chassis installed with Team ORION XSPEED VE brushless motor
  • Parts for changing front chassis width
  • Parts for RM-type motor mount
  • Pinion gear (6T, 7T, 8T, 9T)
  • Wheel wrench
  • Pinion gear tool
  • Spare wheel nut


The New Syncro EX-6 Transmitter can be used as an optional TX . CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO



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