Next Generation V-One R4 Evo

No. 33204B

V-One R4 Evo

Map Pricing: $639.99

Available: December 2015 (Now Accepting Pre Orders)

This latest model in the V-ONE ‘R4’ series builds on its exciting record of success in major racing events in Japan and around the world, including the IFMAR World Championships. This R4 Evo. chassis kit embodies the power and racing speed of the latest advancements in engine power for the highest spec in the R4 series. Newly shaped main chassis and upper deck are the foundation of improved mechanical grip and optimal performance in a wide variety of racing conditions. The new aerodynamic front bumper delivers improved turning stability while the front knuckles and rear hubs can be installed with optional carbon discs to provide increased high-speed stability and chassis setting variation. At the core of the drive system a newly designed clutch bell not only provides effective heat dissipation to cool the engine, but also efficiently removes dirt particles. Other features include a gear diff incorporating high-strength sintered gears, high-durability lightweight joint cups, compact radio box with robust crash protection for the receiver, easy to remove fuel tank, so the overall durability, reliability and maintainability of the machine has been dramatically improved. These are practical design and engineering advances that will put you on the road to race victory!













  • New upper deck design reduces rigidity around the front to induce chassis roll to realize improve control response and steering feel.
  • Combined with the new upper deck design and the revised chassis overall greatly improves the steering characteristic.
  • New 3D aerodynamic design of the front bumper act like a wing to deliver increased stability in cornering and high-speed turns.
  • Newly designed rear shock tower is compatible with a wide selection of aftermarket low height bodies, achieving the lowest center of gravity.
  • Compact radio box not only protects the receiver from damage in case of a mishap.
  • Fuel tank can easily be removed by two body pins for easy maintenance.
  • Equipped with New Front Knuckles and Rear Hubs compatible with optional carbon discs.


  • Chassis Kit (unassembled kit)
  • Steering Servo Horns (Futaba/JR/Airtronics)
  • 0mm L-Shaped Hex Wrench
  • Small Cross Wrench
  • Instruction Manual


Chassis Specs

Scale                 1/10

Length            14.4in/368mm

Width              7.8in/200mm

Height             4.1in/105mm

Wheelbase     10.1in/258mm

Gear Ratio     7.18/5.09:1

Weight            1,700g approx*

Engine            .12 – .15 Class (Sold Separately)


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